TuringSign Partner Program

Work with TuringSign to deliver online trust to your customers.

Why choose TuringSign SSL?

Technological Advantage

TuringSign offers the most secure & trusted SSL solution in the industry - geographically neutral, fully integrated API and technologically secure.

Quality of Service

As a European CA, we breathe premium quality. Unparalleled uptimes, comprehensive warranty, fastest OCSP response and quick validation at no extra cost are standard.


TuringSign offers industry-leading prices while delivering top notch quality.

Regional Support

Our APAC headquarters is located in Singapore and managed by local talents who can understand your needs.

TuringSign Reseller Program



We are recruiting partners who have a strong local network of customers and are committed to sell TuringSign SSL in their targeted territories.

Contract Period

3 years and renewable.


Our partners are our team members, we share both gains and risks together.

Product & Pricing

Aggressive SRP

DV $20, OV, $110, EV $149, Wildcard DV $100, Wildcard OV $330, we provide a flexible refund policy.

Negotiable min committment

Small upfront investment, negotiable selling target varies depending on the market size of country, annual target starts from $50K USD.

Attractive Tier Discount Structure

TuringSign offers industry-leading prices while delivering industry-leading quality.

Marketing Support

Joint-promotion & Co-marketing

Alongside with WISEKey, we help our partners to promote brand awareness and expand different territories. Through exchanging success stories with our partners, we help them to grow the market share in each local region.

Share market competitive analysis

We will share the market intelligence of each region with local partners.

Annual Partner’s conference

We aim to host annual networking events and introduce cross-selling opportunities to our partners.

Portal Support

Customized partner’s Portal

We provide intensive training for our partners and they will have access to our portal which has user-friendly features. In addition, we offer exclusive API integration support to all partners.

Regular Training

We are committed helping our partners to build and grow their own professional team.

Dedicated channel representative

We have dedicated staff who clearly understand the needs of our partners, and to assist in mediating issues and problems arising between customers and partners.

Ready to join as a TuringSign Reseller?

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