FIDO SecureVault: Better Way to Authenticate

We support 140M+ monthly transactions. Make your FIDO transition and enhance your authentication now.

Simpler & Stronger Authentication without Password

Replacing Passwords with Strong Biometric User Authentication.

FIDO Certified Solutions

TuringSign offers a full suite of FIDO certified solutions - scalable and future-proof. Find out how TuringSign FIDO enables a Global Fortune 500 company and one of Asia’s largest banks to differentiate its mobile service offering.

FIDO SecureVault Registration

Watch FIDO SecureVault in action.
Safe and easy registration enabled via FIDO.

FIDO SecureVault Login

Login Page
Push Notification
Public key is sent without storing secrets to the cloud server. Public key is challenged in cloud server.
Cloud server pushes approval to the client server.
Access approved.

Proven ROI - Advantages of TuringSign FIDO

Universal Browser Support

TuringSign SSL Certificates are trusted by every popular browser and device. All visitors will trust your website!

Enhanced Security

FIDO eliminates server-side vulnerabilities and complies with PSD2 and GDPR


Authenticate securely and conveniently with FIDO SecureVault anywhere via cloud


Rapid deployment at industry-leading prices for compelling ROI

Interoperable & Flexible - Across Devices…

Fully certified to the global FIDO standard, TuringSign FIDO is interoperable across devices and third-party FIDO certified solutions.

This interoperability allows full deployment flexibility depending on your particular use case.

TuringSign FIDO can be deployed as a service, on-premise or even under one-time license.

… and Industries

Verticals where TuringSign is deployed

– Automotive
– E-Commerce
– Education
– Enterprise Security
– Financial Services
– Government

– Healthcare
– Insurance
– Internet of Things loT
– Manufacturing
– Telecommunication
…and many more

TuringSign FIDO Authentication Suite:
Trusted User Authentication

As an early member of the FIDO Alliance’s Working Group, TuringSign FIDO offers a comprehensive suite of biometric authentication solutions conformant with the specifications of the FIDO alliance.




TuringSign FIDO SecureVault
Solution Sheet
Financial Service
Case Study
Government Deployment
Case Study

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Simpler & Stronger Authentication without Password

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