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About Turing Cryptography

Turing Cryptography is a subsidiary of CrossCert, Inc., a publicly listed company and the only Global Certification Authority in Korea. As the market leader in premium SSL/TLS certificates in Asia Pacific, the company also offers a wide range of cybersecurity and authentication solutions.

Together with its affiliate company AIBrain Inc., a leading AI technology company based in Silicon Valley, Turing Cryptography is developing next-generation security solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In collaboration with WISEKey, TuringSign CA is hosted in Geneva, Switzerland. Our security infrastructure applies the strictest Swiss quality standards. The uncompromising culture guarantees every step of the SSL issuance process have passed very tough endurance tests. We are compliant with GDPR and the world’s strictest privacy standards.

TuringSign - Because Trust is Everything

In 2021, Turing Cryptography launched TuringSign digital certificate services, a world class full suite SSL certificate services delivering the best practice, secured and trusted website identity to the global market.

By incorporating our highest assurance and warranties, we protect customers’ digital identity with a safe and secure online environment.

A Truly Intelligent Company

Home-grown Artificial Intelligence is the main source of our innovation in Cybersecurity.

We are committed to applying AI to every aspect of SSL/TLS Encryption. Going beyond cost-saving automation, we are building an Intelligent Trust Agent.

TuringSign Slogan

“Because Trust is Everything”, we relentlessly drive AI-powered innovation in Cybersecurity.

Collaboration with World-Class Partners

We adopt AIBrain’s cutting edge AI technology from Silicon Valley. Integrating WISeKey’s unique trust model backed by OISTE* sets us apart from our competitors.

*Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust

Switzerland #1
in Trustworthiness
Switzerland #1 in

The Most Trusted CA

Surpassing industry standard Trusted Third Party qualifications, our CA center operates from Switzerland, the world’s most socio-economically stable state. Switzerland continuously ranks #1 in Global Trustworthiness Surveys.

Innovating Next Generation AI Powered Security Solutions

Turing Cryptography is associated with AIBrain, a technology start-up based in Palo Alto.

By integrating AIBrain’s AI core technology, AICoRE and Memory Graph, into our security solutions, we offer the market with the unprecedent AI Security products and solutions that augment Artificial Intelligence into online security.